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Terms and Conditions

Use Article shall
Welcome MSI HK Store, in order to make you safe and pleasant shopping experience, we set out the following terms of use, it makes you a better understanding of our expectations of both parties. When you browse MSI HK Store any web page, you have to accept on behalf of and comply with these terms.

Copyright has
all the content of the site, including logos, photos and text information online shop are all part of MSI HK Store all, and be protected by the Hong Kong and international copyright laws. In MSI HK Store without the consent of any persons or organizations are not allowed to use the content of this website.

Privacy government policy
MSI HK Store are committed to protecting your privacy. Your data we have collected through this website to help us provide more suitable for your products and services to ensure you have a personalized and enjoyable shopping experience in MSI HK Store. Read on privacy and the processing of personal data.

Our guarantee certificate
we guarantee compliance with the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong), and will be up to, even more than the internationally recognized standards of privacy protection. We also ensure that our employees will do our best to protect the security and your personal data will not be disclosed.

Data collection and use of
personal information we collect and save the following categories: 

  1. Name;
  2. Contact information, including phone number, fax number, address, e-mail;
  3. The results browse interactive content, records and cumulative record;
  4. Inquiries, suggestions or opinions;
  5. Computer operating system and the Internet service provider information;

We collect personal information from you in different ways and to keep that information for the following purposes:

  1. Issue relating to our products and services, activities, competitions, marketing and project information;
  2. Related to the Company, the Company's supply business, marketing and other selected business partners of the firm;
  3. Market promotion and other partners of cooperation;
  4. A view so that you have a pleasant shopping experience and tailor-made purchases through this site, and provide personalized marketing information, we will cut advertising and content of the page;
  5. We ask you to complete our products and services, order processing and settlement of payments;
  6. Respond to your inquiries;
  7. Registration will take to provide benefits and rewards;
  8. Collect statistics, analyze and provide reports to customers by secret internal and external;
  9. Investigation with customers, products or services related;
  10. On the quality of products and services to further enhance the assessment; or
  11. And for any purpose described above is directly related.

The personal information provided is entirely voluntary.

Member-owned material
MSI HK Store members can enjoy a number of patents, including newsletters, special offers, and convenient shopping. In the future we will progressively add more member benefits, including a more personalized service, and other benefits. If you want to become a member MSI HK Store, please provide your name, email address and telephone number.

Shopping-owned material
when you order in MSI HK Store, we need you to provide additional information such as credit card information and shipping address allows us to process your purchases and to inform you of the status of orders.

Personalized customer service
we collect customer information in order to provide more personal information, so that you are in our online shopping more convenient and enjoyable. We use "cookies" to make services more personalized and convenient. When you re-enter MSI HK Store, our "cookies" can recognize your identity. We will be based on your personal information, the customer needs to provide more suitable products and services.

Data security guard
MSI HK Store commitment to protect the security of your personal data (including name, email address, address, phone number, credit card information and purchase history). When sending your order information, our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure that your data will not be read during transmission to third parties. We do not allow any person or organization to unauthorized reading customer information.

Total share
any personal information you provide to us will be kept confidential and protected. But we may this Privacy Policy purpose of giving information with regard to the following aspects:

  1. Our affiliates, associated companies and other related companies;
  2. Provide us with any administrative, order processing, payment clearing, credit reference, debt collection or other agents to provide services to our operations, contractor or service provider;
  3. According under applicable laws, we sincerely believe we have a responsibility to disclose the source of the information.

Recognize your promise
when you use our site, you agree to our privacy policy according to the above as the collection and use of your Personal Information. If there are any changes to the Privacy Policy, we will post it on this page, as soon as possible so that you can know how we collect, use and disclose your information under what circumstances.

Other ask questions
if you have any questions related to the above Privacy Policy, please e-mail to

Freight service using service
-related orders delivery service, the company has proposed delivery service. Related to the shipping company's terms and conditions apply your rights in respect of goods transported by. Should you choose the company recommended by the shipping company, on behalf of the Company agreed to entrust the company to handle all matters related to shipping for you. The Company will not be responsible for any acts or misconduct related to the shipping company. The company this statement, do not assume your use of the relevant shipping company the risk and responsibility. However, they are free to choose other freight shipping company or service delivery. If you choose the shipping company other than the recommendation of the Company, during office hours, please call +852 91317855 or email to with the company's customer service representative. Should you choose other shipping companies, freight may require a longer time.

Free shipping
as your order reaches the total net value of the order requirements, and also selected the company recommended freight company shipping services, on behalf of the Company will pay the freight. Enjoy the company of the order designated free shipping.

The site with
providing online information in this site is currently used only as a shopping medium use. All content on the site shall not be divided attack any commercial purposes (including reproduce, transmit, distribute, sell, broadcast, distribution, reprinted, rewritten, or in the same format or re-transfer technology). This website information communication content may only be used for lawful purposes, all information in violation (of any harmful, threatening) all of these Site Terms shall not post or transmit, Centralfield reserves the right (but not the obligation and responsibility) to prohibit or remove these data.

Sound out
this site and its content are provided on the basis of available information, MSI HK Store only provide online shopping sites and therefore we will not website content for any loss arising from the use or purchase the product online due and make a direct, indirect, incidental, consequential and punitive damages (including pecuniary interests and intangible losses) and liable (in addition to the legal regulations already implied). Before using the product in MSI HK Store purchase, please carefully read the offer on the product or packaging by the manufacturer, owner or seller of the product information, usage and precautions, MSI HK Store not have these manufacturers, shippers and sellers to provide information the accuracy of any responsibility for the quality and reliability of negative fitness for a particular purpose, it is best to carefully analyze the data before use.

Compensation and liability limits system
if you use MSI HK Store, because you violate the terms or to order any action which make MSI HK Store incur losses, and you agree to indemnify MSI HK Store damages, expenses, damage and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) . You agree that you will not MSI HK Store use of the Site incurred losses, bear any legal responsibility, but also agree to waive any compensation MSI HK Store. If this statement does not apply to individual cases, MSI HK Store's liability shall not exceed the purchase price you pay for a product or service on this site. MSI HK Store reserved the right to cancel any final transaction. MSI HK Store last reserves the right to amend the terms, without notice.

Privacy government policy
agree to use our Privacy Policy set out by the use of your information.

Modify the terms of
these Terms of Use (including the order terms contained in the Help) will be made at the right time necessary, so before you shop this site, please read the Terms of Use and the order terms in detail.

MSI Privacy Policy
Click to read the full policy.

MSI Member Center Regulation
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