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Fingerprint Sensor Makes Your Login Process Easier and Safer

2021/06/07, News Room

Introduction of Fingerprint Sensor


Biometric authentication now is frequently used to manage access control to protect personal data and speed up the login process. Though password system is still a standard in current access process, people always suffer from remembering complex password, then forget them again and again. In addition, password-based system may bring greater risk to users and the personal data becomes more vulnerable.

Fingerprint sensor is one of the methods that based on patterns of human finger which is unique among each person. It offers secure and faster login method through Windows Hello, and could even go through other online access system through FIDO2, and now is commonly applied in laptops.

The Benefit of Fingerprint Sensor in Laptops


  1. Improved Security - Fingerprint is unique and nearly impossible to duplicate, providing more secure way to login your laptop.


  1. Quick Access - Simply a touch with finger to save 3X time in typing password. It allows you to have faster access control and no longer have to remember complex password.


  1. Web Authentication through FIDO2 - Through Fingerprint, you could access web browsers without typing password like in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and their related web platform infrastructure such as Outlook, Skype, and Gmail. Now FIDO2 is supported in Windows 10 and Android platforms.

Set up Windows Hello Fingerprint

  1. Go to【Windows Settings】and click【Accounts
  2. Go to【Sign-in options】and click【Windows Hello Fingerprint

*Please make sure you complete the Windows Hello PIN before setting Windows Hello Fingerprint.

  1. The【Windows Hello setup】will pop up, then type your PIN code at【Windows Security
  2. Repeatedly lift and rest one of your finger on fingerprint sensor until the setup is complete.
  1. If you would like to add another fingerprint, please click【Windows Hello fingerprint】and click【Add another】, then do it again from Step3. and Step4.

However, if you cannot enable the fingerprint, please firstly follow the steps below.

  1. Go to【MSI website】and find your laptop model. Click【Support】and find【Driver】, then choose【Fingerprint】and download the driver.
  2. Go to【Device Manager】and choose【Biometric devices】, right click your fingerprint device and choose【Update driver
  3. Click【Browse my computer for drivers】, then click【Browse】to find the folder you just download from Step1, and click【OK】.
  4. Click【Next】and wait for the update.

Now the driver is enabled, you could start to set up your fingerprint. 

With fingerprint sensor, you could now enjoy the secure and fast login method through your MSI laptop, or found them in MSI Summit Series/Prestige Series/Creator 17/Creator Z16/Creator 15/WS75/WS66/WF75.